Occupancy Analytics


CoWorking and Office Occupancy Analytics


We have developed a cloud-enabled occupancy-sensing platform to help corporations create workplaces that respond to the needs of employees while also optimising the real estate portfolio. Using a network of miniature wireless sensors built upon the Microsoft Azure platform with Digital Twins technology, we can deliver advanced occupancy analytics, making it possible to receive real-time statistics alongside enterprise reliability and security. We utilise this information and add our expertise on top of it, giving corporations the ability to see precisely how their spaces are being used.



A revolutionary new way to understand and quantify your entire company’s workplace through precise sensing delivers data you can rely on. Measuring your real estate and allowing you to analyse how, when, and why each space is used. Compare locations throughout months, weeks and days on floor or room. Find out which areas are your best performers and which are underperforming and why — everything searchable and sorted in real time.

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