Ambient Monitoring

CoWorking and Office Ambient Monitoring

The only reliable way to gain critical insight and improve your workplace design is by aggregating objective data. To collect this data and better comprehend how employees interact with space and utilise resources, the most innovative companies have implemented connected  Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

With this information, clients gain a real-time view into all parts of the building, enabling the property managers to make data-driven decisions about improving energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable work environment.



Indoor air quality has a large impact on productivity, health and a general sense of wellbeing. A wide range of studies shows the influence of environment air pollution indicators such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels on employees. The concept of human wellbeing is critically essential but can be too vague to guide investment decisions in new monitoring and mitigation systems. However, comfort can be quantified to estimate the business value and guide investment decisions by focusing on a number of measurable indicators: employee healthcare insurance costs, the frequency of sick days, employee productivity, and employee turnover.



Real-time continuous monitoring can be used to detect pollutants and provide information on the variation of pollutant levels during the day and throughout weeks or months.

Adding our smart sensors to your assets, we help you to create office space that puts both efficiency and employee wellness at the heart of its design to drive productivity.



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