In order to have better view please expand each dashboard at the lower right corner of each dashboard. Dashboards are data heavy and depending on internet connection speed please allow few seconds for full load.

Portfolio Management
Enables portfolio level analysis and enables slicing by country, asset type (office, retail, industrial), expiry schedule and gives overview of NET Income, Total Asset Costs, NOI, Capitalization rate, Market value, etc. For multiple selections and to zoom out of selected country please hold Ctrl key.


Asset Management
Enables individual asset analysis and enables slicing by tenants, branches, deposit expiry, break option expiry, termination option expiry, lease expiry (slicers are on the right side of the dashboard). Gives insight in to tenant performance by shoving Rent to Sales Ratio in colors (red-bad, yellow-average, green-good) on the floor-plan. Compares footfall with turnover for the same period.


Footfall density
Enables individual asset footfall analysis per entrance or footfall counter location by year, month or day (slicers are on the right side of the dashboard). Please press play button on the lower left side within the dashboard.